Since I'm whipping this page out quickly in emacs (yes, emacs) there will not be much formatting. I pretty much just want to get the pics on a page.

Saturday's main highlight was setting up the super industrial-grade water filter. This filter will provide the brewery with nice clean non-lakey ('lAˇkey: adjective, having the aroma of Lake Michigan) water for brewing. It'll get rid of the chlorine too. Stephen stands next to the finished, mounted product.

Here's a close-up of the filter. The filter on the left is a 5-micron particulate filter. It'll filter out the odd bit of grit or sand that might come through. The other three filters are activated charcoal. They'll get rid of the chlorine and all kinds of other stuff that gives us a bad taste, especially the lakiness.

So this will be the brew area. The brewing system itself is not here yet but has an 11/5 ETA. We may (probably should) install some heat shielding on the ceiling and upper walls just to keep the paint from getting messed up by all the heat coming its way.

I received my long-awaited B3-500 brewing sculpture from Beer, Beer and More Beer on November 12, 2001. As of writing this (11/19) I have not brewed with the system yet. I have set aside 11/23 as the maiden brew day. Stephen and I will brew a Belgian Trippel with a recipe from B3. So, here's a picture with me standing next to my new brewing sculpture.

Once we've brewed the wort we'll want to make sure it ferments at just the right temperature. That's why we need a fridge. I also use the fridge for dispensing too, hence the tap. Obviously I can't use it for both purposes at the same time (or can I?!).

A few more just to give more detail on the fridge and the temp control. The Ranco temp control I use let's me set the desired temperature I want and the desired differential. Cool.